Ethos And Values

At RRC we want to continue to create a great place to learn for all of our students, it is our vision to be an outstanding organisation where everyone will be the best that they can be; to deliver a wide range of high quality learning experiences to support the diverse communities that we serve and the personal, social and economic development of individuals and businesses to develop their skills and realise their ambitions.  We believe in learning for success. 

Our Values

  • Commitment – Is to raise aspirations and continually innovate to ensure that our curriculum is relevant; a consistent approach to the best teaching and learning; to staff and students welfare, to creating an outstanding learning and support environment and to the communities that we serve.
  • Ambition – It reflects the core essence of achievement and success for students of all abilities, who aspire to improve their skills and knowledge for work and life.
  • Respect – It embodies the core behaviour of staff and students and reflects the professional culture and those of the organisation.
  • Excellence – A bold intent to be the best at what we do in every area

Our Aims and Priorities

Successful Learners

  1. Continually improve teaching, learning and support, leading to successful outcomes for all learners
  2. Promote positive progression for all learners at all levels
  3. Deliver innovative and responsive services for businesses


  1. Enable the development of improved facilities and services for outstanding teaching and learning delivery
  2. Attract, develop and train high performing staff
  3. Maintain a sound financial base and outstanding value for money


  1. Adapt the curriculum offer to anticipate, stimulate and meet changing demand.
  2. Seek out opportunities to transform and improve how we work
  3. Assist the organisation to work in partnership in the regeneration of the Romney Marsh
  4. Ensure the organisation is able to respond to the continuing reduction in adult funding and meeting the needs and ambitions of students to upskill and improve their career and work chances