QUALIFICATIONS – Functional Skills

QUALIFICATIONS – Functional Skills

English & Mathematics – (Fully funded Maths and English qualifications)

Opportunities to improve your skills and gain recognised qualifications from Entry Level 3 to Level 2 which can assist learners of all abilities.
For those who wish to improve or gain their Maths and English grades, these qualifications can further enhance your job prospects, give you the ability to keep up with your children or grandchildren or just to keep your brain matter in top condition. The courses are fully funded and you can be in work, unemployed or retired and still be eligible to enrol on a course

RRC’s learning environment is set to suit your individual needs and abilities, with both Centre based and home learning available. Every learner receives a personal tutor who will assist you on your learning journey, multiple sessions are run throughout the week and these are morning/afternoon and evening, suiting everyone’s needs and individual circumstances.

Learners are able to develop and demonstrate their skills and confidence in using English or Maths skills in practical situations. The qualification reflects the level of demand in the national standards recognised by both Colleges and Employers.

The process is by the following steps:

  • Initial assessment
  • Diagnostic
  • Online/offline learning
  • Practice test
  • Test


English has three modules: Reading; Writing and Speaking and listening. There is a practice test and actual test for each of the three modules.


Maths has five modules: Whole numbers; Common measures; Handling Data; Shape and space; Fractions, decimals and percentages. There is only one practice test and test which covers all five modules